Defeating The Voice – a follow up

I’m writing this in english since I promised Dana at http://theextragear.com to get back to him on how his advice worked out.


Here is the original post I wrote.

I’ve actually boiled it down to two sentences. A two sentence advice on how to become more successful. And I’m giving it away for free!

I know this works. I’ve used in to turn average sales representatives into soaring Eagles! I’ve used it my self to reach my goals, even when they have seen impossible.

The advice is easy to learn, easy to implement and easy to live by:
1. Listen to that pesky little voice in your head.
2. Do exactly the opposite of what it is saying!
3. Live long and prosper!

Some examples:
When the voice tells you to grab another cup of coffe before you call a prospect, call the prospect immediatly.
When the voice tells you to hit the snooze button just once more, get up directly.
When the voice tells you to work another hour instead of going to the gym, drop what you are doing and head for the gym.
When the voice tells you to flirt with the hunk in the bar, pick up your cellphone instead and call your husband and tell him that you love him.
When the voice tells you to flip through the channels on your tv instead of doing the dishes, light some candles and let your significant other know that you’re doing the dishes.

I think you get it by now. Listen to the pesky little voice in youre head. Then do the exact opposite of what it is telling you.
That will lead to success!