Gobe day five 30th of january

I put the gobe on the charger this morning and now all of a sudden the app can´t find the wristband. The Gobe had decided to turn it self off. Go figure… Not the experience I had from previous mornings.

On another note, but still related, I got a bill from the Swedish customs (rather FedEx who are collecting the fees) claiming that i need to pay customs for receiving a replacement device, wich seems really odd to me. To be continued.

When I was fiddling with The Protector this morning I glanced on the back of the device and engraved on the back it states Gobe 1.0?

Started the second morning sync at 8.46.

Gobe 30 disconnected

At 8.48 I got ”disconnected” and the prompt ”Cant connect to wristband Why?” I pressed why and got the following message:

Gobe 30 why

I´m acually holding the phone with the same hand as the wristband is on, so it can hardly be to far away. The writband is not connected to another device since there are no other devices to connect to. Then Gobe boldly states that my bluetooth chrashed and that I should restart my phone [sic]. Bluetooth works fine. When I killed the app and started it again the sync worked perfectly.

Healbe, you need to fix this. I shouldn´t have to restart the app all the time. And you shouldn´t state that my phones bt crashed and that I need to restart the phone before even trying to restart the app.

Today, it is saturday and the routines (for eating) are different. Started the day with a lovely cheese omelette and the head out for a muntan bike session in the woods.

Began syncing at 14.05 and got really surprised at 14.08. Aperently, my breakfast contained over 3400 kcals. Thats is a huge miscalculation by gobe. Should I laugh or cry?

Basically everything is fucked up (sorry for the language, but this is so bad that I cant really say anything else

First the energy and heart graph from Gobe:

Gobe 30 mega intake failGobe 30 heart fail

A calorie intake of +3400 kcals. kcal expenditure of 3000. A max HR of 153.

Endomondo 30

Zephyr/Endomondo measured this to an average hr of 140 bpm (of the 1 hrs 40 min I was mtb:ing) and with a max hr of 161 bpm. The Gobe data is once again so of it can´t even be correctedor recalculated. And DEE is measured primarily from your heart rate! Just to clarify, as long as your hr isn´t correct, your DEE can´t be even near correct.

Tried to sync later that day, and aftet two unsuccessful connection attempts I restarted the app. Didn’t work. Restarted BT, didn’t work. Restarted the gobe wristband, didn’t work. Restarted the app, then the sync worked.

On a good note, when I syncked at sunday morning I didn´t have to answer lots of question when I ate.

The findings of todays usage of Healbe Gobe


Gobe 30 Energy

This measurement shows intake from breakfast with a cheese omelette, lunch constituted of fried white fish, root fries and salad. At the end you see dinner wich was chicken liver and a feta cheese salad. Ended the food day with a small assortment of tapas:ish snacks with cheese, paté and a dried beef sausage (and a small amount of air cured ham)

The data is totally flawed for breakfast. To much energy! Lunch is interesting and it ”could” be right. Diner ”could” also be correct but then the tapas snacks is missing?


Gobe 30 water

Is it strange that I either is low on water or on normal? It seems that the gobe only can measure that, and nothing in between. Look on the graphs and think about how fast it goes from low to normal and back…


Gobe 30 Heart measurement Gobe 30 Heart

When I measure my hr, I get way lower bpm than what the data in the graph show. Consistently. In this case (as I wrote about earlier) the data is totally off since the Gobe only detected a pulse up to a max of 135 while the average hr was 141 during almost two hours accrding to Zephyr/endomondo. The lows on the graph isn’t low enough, and the highs aren’t high enough.


Gobe 30 Sleep

This isn’t correct. The dogs woke me up several times during the night. Also, I get noted for bradycardia almost the entire night.

A slow heart rate can be normal and healthy. Or it could be a sign of a problem with the heart’s electrical system camera.gif.

For some people, a slow heart rate does not cause any problems. It can be a sign of being very fit. Healthy young adults and athletes often have heart rates of less than 60 beats a minute.

I think that the bradycardia markings is only measured with respect to your heart rate, and nothing more. If I look at the data in the graph, I was under 60 bpm many times during this time. But according to my hr measurements, I was under 60 duriing the day as well, so why doesn’t gobe indicate bradycardia for my awaken times?


Gobe 30 Stress

Once again a stress peak when falling asleep, but nothing more or nothing usable actually

The daily Gobe Conclusion

Kcal intake is totally off today. HR data is a total fail and I’m starting to question why I even bother doing this. But I promised a weeks worth of testing so UI´ll continue. Syncing has been terrible today as well, lots of connectivity errors