Gobe day four 29th of january

Did my normal morning routine. Had plans to go to the gym this morning but had to change my plans.

Got to the office and tried tosync with the usual problems of app freezing, craches and random questins if I ate during my sleep and eatingtimes I already had confirmed.

Had a Semla this morning as well. Will be interesting to see how Gobe thinks of it…

The data before lunch was depressing:

Gobe 29 pre lunch Gobe 29 steps before lunch

It seems that I was walking in my sleep and had a snack around 3 in the morning. Byt no breakfast. Steps are miscalculated, as usual

Got a little bit confused today. I received the following response on facebook from Healbe staff:

Gobe am i out of date

According to this, I´m using the wrong firmware and the wrong app version. Strange since the app updated my gobe when I first started using it. The current app version in the app store is 1.2.3 and the one I got installed is older. Interesting enough, the firmware update the app updated my gobe with wasnt the latest one, but one before that. After a manual check, it turns out that there is an firmware update as well.

I updated the app and updated the firmware after. Then I check the play store and there was no more updates. But lo and behold, there was yet another firmware update to receive.

Gobe 29 update avaliable again

The firmware update is indicated by a small grenn dot above the wristband icon on the startscreen. Keep an eye out for them! Gobe, how bout a push notification? Flashing the Gobe for the second time today now. I sure want to be on te latest firmware version…

There seems to be some updated functionality with the new app. For example, it states that it cant connct to the wrist band (the cryptic ”Disconnected” message is still there but there is an yellow text that can be pressed that explains why the app couldn´t connect to the wristband

The firmware updates seem to have killed the kcal/macro nutrient count for today. Step count is gone as well. But it has some graphs over kcal intake expenditure.

Gobe 29 no breakfast no semla

The data seem to be there, but there is no numbers associated with it so I get a graph showing sleep-eating, no breakfast and no semla. There ar probably more data missing. Thats to bad actually…

Gobe Did you eat 2

I am getting tired of all theese ”Specify the time interval of your meal”. Everytime I sync there seems to be a new time intervall to answer. Or a time interval I already confirmed/denied. Repetitive and tiresome.


The findings of todays usage of Healbe Gobe


Gobe 29 Energy

As you can see, the days final results are way off. No breakfast, no semla. Lunch is detected but late night snacks and dinner is MIA.


Gobe 29 water

For the first time, I´m not dehydrated to the level of imminent death. According to the Gobe that is.


Gobe 29 Heart

I have a suspicion that the hr data is to high in the lows, and to low in the highs. I need to do a long term zephyr test to confirm that.Had a terrible head ache yesterday but that is not detectable in any of the graphs from Gobe.


Gobe 29 Sleep

Heart block is kind of a severe condition, and should not be taken lightly. I cant really understand why Gobe only indicates this during your sleep? Since I live with it, I know when it is affecting my heart and I can feel it. This happens during the day as well as during the night. So I question the data. Otherwise it seems correct (sleep wise).


Gobe 29 Stress

Today, the stress indication seems to be correct with my own feelings, except tat it missed a massive stress surge in the beginnin of the day. First day during this test that I wasn´t as most stressed when falling asleep

The daily Gobe Conclusion

Update your device. And the check for updates, both regarding the app and firmware. But beware, it will zap your data for the day! Also, this days energy balance is totally flawed

Gobe 29 Energy Gobe 29 energy balance

As you can see, I had a DEE (Daily Energy Expenditure as Gobe has named it) of 1802 kcal. I didn´t add any energy what so ever. My DEE has ranged from 5780-4230 since te start of this test.

The steps are way of as well. S Health indicates about 7000 steps (it was a slow n lazy day yesterday) and for the first ime since this test started Gobe is showing less steps than my fairly accurate S Health

This data errors are probably because of the app and double firmware flashings. So beware when you update, don´t do it on a day where you have data that you wan´t to be sure to be able to analyze. This is also a complain that Healbe should deal with promptly. Why does the data get screwed up after a firmware update?