Gobe day one 26th of January

First complete day with the Gobe today. Short version, the data is completely off and it is much worse than I thought.

Woke up and the Gobe had 50% charge left. It was fully charged when I went to bed last night. I heard some strange klicking sounds wich I soon realised came from the Gobe. ”The Protector” had come loose and was causing the clicking sounds since it was still under the Gobe but not positioned right.

Went to the gym for some cardio and weight lifting. The pulse came up nicely, but it was quite a difference beteen what the Gobe reported (not above 95 bpm) and what Endomondo/Zephyr reported (145 bmp the only time I checked. Will report more on that later.

I drank my breakfast smoothie when driving to the office. I left the gym about 8.20 and came to the office at about 9.

Breakfast smoothie

The morning meal is a meal that for me can contain basically the same ingredients every day. I do try to vary my self with berries and fruit but the base for the smoothie is as follows:
– 2 boiled peeled eggs
– 1-1½ dl oat meal
– one apple or banana

After that I add the extras, depending on what we have at home.
– fruit/berries to your liking (lingonberries, raspberries, strawberries, oranges, kiwi etc etc
– vegetables to your liking (spinach, selleri, kål etc etc)
– water to get it drinkable
Mix well, especially if you use pomegrane seeds or oranges.

The base is oatmeal, eggs, apple/banana and water. One could dump some protein powder or ECAA/BCAA in there as well but I´m trying to stay out of it as for now.
The eggs gives it kind of a funky odour, since it smells kind of sulfuric.

The macro nutrients and kcal is as following:

  • Protein 20.4 grams
  • Fat: 24.1 grams
  • Carbs: 59.4 grams
  • kcal: 442,6

It will be interesting to see how the gobe interprets that meal.

Someting was shaking and buzzing on my wrist and first I didn´t understand what it was. Then, I realized that it was the gobe and I got annoyed. Previously, that was the indication of a ”no contact” and a signal that the gobe was shutting it self down since it couldn´t make skin contact. When it vibrated again, I looked down on the thingamajjig and the message on the display read ”Drink”. When I check the display again, it says ”Water: Low”. I dont feel dehydrated or thirsty though.

Had a late lunch today, at a local burger chain called Max. The burger was a Grand De Lux Barbeque burger with fries and a light sodaMax Crispy fries mellan Max bbq burger


So the lunch total adds up to:

  • Protein: 45,6 grams
  • Fat: 85,8 grams
  • Carbs: 108,4 grams
  • kcal: 1405.3

It will be interesting to see how the gobe deciphers that meal.

Actually, the little bugger has been nagging me all day to drink more. It kind of stopped after a lunchbut came alive again at around 15. Drank half a litre of water and lets see if it continues. Dinner was quorn with a mustard/horse radish sauce, onion and sugar snap peas.

The button on the gobe that needs pressing all of the time is hard to press and you dont really get any confirmation (other than that the display changes).

Gobe Did you eat

It is hard to remember when I ate. Also, I don´t know if I´m required to stateagain if I actually ate at this time. In this case it is kind of strange as well since the Gobe had me sleeping at that time…

The kcal data (before dinner) seems about right. I have consumed 1848 kcal and Gobe thinks that I consumed 1359 kcal.

Actually, the kcal intake actually got lower while writing this (after dinner). As of now, kcal intake is at 1312.

It seems that number of steps is completely off. The Gobe claims +13000 steps while Samsung Health claims about 8700 steps. Quite a difference.

The number of steps have gone up to over 14000 steps? That is strange since I havent done anyting exept sitting still in the couch. Samsung still thinks I´m at 8700 steps

The Gobe had me sleeping all nigt, but still it asks me if I was eating while I was asleep.

I  have synced my Gobe four times while summing up the day and finalizing this post, and each time Gobe has asked my if I was eating, but on different times.

Another thing that bugs me is the fct that I have set my data in the app to be metric, ie kilograms, kilometers. On the web, everything is displayed in imperial measurements. And there is no way to change it as well.

My measurements for today


Energy 26 janWildly off. Not really surprising considering that HR measurements are so erroneous. Looking at this data, my breakfast after 8.00 is missing, my lunch at 14.00 is missing and I had some kcal intake at 18.00 but I didn´t eat dinner until 21.00?


Sleep 26 janSeems about right. Cant say anything about REM sleep and the accountability of it.


Water 26 janCant really understand the graph or the reading. The vibration and display of ”Drink” seems to be automated rather than trigged by measurements. You tell me what this graph means? According to this my hydration level was ok until I woke up and then never rebound during the day?


Heart 26 janTotally off. Says that 119 was max pulse. Endomondo/Zephyr measured this to 157 with an average of 137 bpm


Stress 26 janWhat is this? It says I have low stress but how that is measured is not disclosed. Also, the graphs are hard to read/understand

Steps according to Samsung Health and compared to Gobes +14000 steps. Samsung shows detailed when the steps was taken and it seems about right. Had a dog walk at about 18.00 so I know it is correct


HR data during my gym session according to Endomondo/Zephyr

Gobe Endomondo training Gobe Endomondo HR diagram


Avg HR at 137 bpm and max HR at 157 bpm. The screenshot to the right shows (in red) the HR graph for te workout session. It seems about rigth since I both started and ended with hr raising activities.

Here is the Gobe HR chart for reference:

Heart 26 jan

It doesn’t quite add upp since I was at the gym between 7-8. And the HR data for the rest of the day seems off as well. It isn´t really feasible that I had the same hr at the gym as I had a couple of times during the day.