Gobe day seven 1st of february

To be honest, I´m glad/releived that this is the last day of testing.

Today, I´ll walk alot (but no massive amounts) so lets see how bad the gobe wiristband is in detecting steps today.

Another design flaw of the Gobe is this

Gobe design flaw I don´t know the official name of them, but the silvery round button to the left snaps in to holes in the wrist band. the clasp (?) to the right isn’t always possible to close depending on  what hole I used on the wristband. So it rips through fabric, scratches plastics and creates abbrasions on the skin.

The sync this night gone bananas. I´m prompted wit ”disconnected” messages together with me having to answer to the same times if I ate, anout three times per time segment. After yet another app restart, it finally synced.

Had quite a lousy eating day today. Started off with my normal smoothie (topped with kvarg this time, ie more protein). Then I had a double McCheese as a snack and ate two veggie burgers at a local burgerchain called Max

Nutritional content for these meals are


And lunch

Gobe lunch



The findings of todays usage of Healbe Gobe


Gobe Energy 1This is actually the first day that the gobe got the intake, and got it almost correct. Breakfast is low, should be about 100 kcals more. Lunch is missing nearly 1000 kcals but it is almost at the right time and dinner is also almost at the right time. But the nutritional values are way off. Steps is as usual to many but atleast it is consistent.



Gobe Water 1

Drank lots of fluids yesterday. Didn´t help in the graphs though.


Gobe Heart 1

The hr spikes are at the correct place in time. But still it is flawed as I have discussed earlier.


Gobe Sleep 1

When looking at the heart graph above, I cant see any time that I was below 60. But the gobe states bradycardia at multiple times.


Gobe Stress 1

No stress spike at bedtime today. Almost the first time since I started the tests actually

The daily Gobe Conclusion

Actually the best Gobe day during this week, but still a total fail. I was thinking that the extreme DEE is because th hr data and steps are so way off?