Gobe day six 31th of january

Interesting that I didn’t have to answer a large amount of ”when did you eat” questins today. Yesterday was a massive put of when it comes to gobe and the usage of it 🙁

Today I’m trying another strategy, to sync once late at night. That sure lowers the risk for connectivity errors but defeats the purpose of the mobile app and te data within it.

Was out mountainbiking today as well. Extremely fun to dash around on unknown paths. Great way to keep my senses on top as well, since I am quite good at finding my way in the forest. Here is a short camera test from yesterdays path finding:

Need to fix the mount so I show the comin pat rather than the frame and my knees 🙂

The mtb session today was of the adventure/hike a bike kind of biking. Just went where the path headed and tried to hang on

Gobe 31 hike a bike 5k

The path between the 2 and 3 k marker rock climbing and lots of hike a bike 🙂 Great fun!

This is how Endomondo recorded the bike ride:

gone 30 endomondo hr graph

gone 31 endomondo training data

As you can see, Endomondo lost contact with the zephyr hr monitor for almost 20 min. Avg hr is 135 bpm and max hr is 154 bpm

The findings of todays usage of Healbe Gobe



Gobe 31 EnergyBreakfast was the normal smoothie, had a snack of BCAA and two proteinbreads with butter, salami and cheese. Anoter snack was roasted almonds. Lunch was kebab with fries and dinner was meat with cauliflower gratin. That is five times that I ate and as far as I can someting is missing. Lets have a look at the macro nutrients of this day:

Gobe 31 Energy macro

Since the way I eat right now is low carb, this seems off. My breakfast contains about 60 grams of carbs. One serving of fries should be about 70 carbs (it was a large serving). That leaves 270 grams of carbs, on meals that are predominantly fat/protein. With that said, only measuring my breakfast give a fat content of 24g fat and 20g of protein.

This isn´t even a random error. It is malfunction!




Gobe 31 waterI tend to drink when I´m thirsty. Not when a random uessing device tells me to. I usually drink lots of water as well so I know I´m not dehydrated. Why I´m on low… No clue.


Gobe 31 Heart

Yet again, gobe misses when it comes to hr. Zephyr/Endomondo had me at Avg hr of 135 bpm and max hr of 154 bpm. Gobe measure my max hr to about 130. Since I only synced once today, I didn´t do multiple scans of hr and bpm so I don’t have any data for that


Gobe 31 Sleep

Bradycardia and heart block. Slep data looks consistent though.



Gobe 31 StressOnce again a stress peaks when falling asleep, but nothing more or nothing usable actually

The daily Gobe Conclusion

Kcal intake is totally off today. It is unreliable and nothing more than random guesses. HR data is a total fail yet again.

For a device that makes claims such as:

The only way to automatically measure calorie intake

it sure is failing both epic and reliably. Stay away from the Healbe Gobe if you are looking for reliable results.  You might have noticed as well that I´m not commenting on the step counter function? It is not working and is constantly showing thousands of more steps that no other device can detect. I have benchmarked it towards other devices (Fitbit, Silva and two apps in my android except S Health) and it seems that the Gobe is detecting about 500 more steps than any other. Per waken hour!