Gobe day three 28th of January

Started out the morning as usual with a shake and the morning commute to the office. Yesterday I had a tingling/itching sensation going under the Gobe. Washed the Gobe thoroughly yesterday so hopefully it will stop now.

At 7.58 I got promted to drink.

Started syncing at 8.28 and now the app asks me (for the second time) if I ate ate 21.45. I also get prompted if I ate at 23 (got to bed at about 22:20 last night) and by some odd reason the app claims that I ”foodpressed” at 23? (the food press indication is a small wristband symbol above the time). After ten minutes of a non responding display I killed the app and started over. Then it took about 15 seconds and the app was synced and ready to go

Energy 28 after breakfast

As you can see, it states 729 kcal. About 100% more than I actually consumed.

9.32 I got the prompted again to drink.

When I look at Water, Gobe thinks I´m on low. That is after two eggs, raspberries, strawberries, one orange, and a total of 12 dl fluid( water) and 8 dl of fluid (coffey). Cant really understand why I´m low on water.

Todays lunch was meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy with lots of veggies. Dinner was a whole grilled chicken.

Started syncing at 18.45 and after three restarts of the app and 15 min later I finally got it synced. I wanted to sync to see when today the Gobe turned of it self… Cause it was dead. I turned it on again and it seem that the gobe has been turned of for about two hours. Didn’t realize that gobe shut down…
Gobe seems to think that I have taken 6960 steps today. Must be because it turned it self of but S Health says 10 000 steps.

It seems that every time I sync, I get new questions about time I ate. It is strange tat one time get prompted if I ate between 11-11.30 and 12.45-13.00. The next time I sync I get prompted if I ate at 12, but the other times are not indicated as meals? This time when I synced, I have been prompted three times if I ate at 12:00. Wich I deny all three times. But I dont know how it affects the times surrounding that (when I actually ate). Really strange. And kind of stressing.


The findings of todays usage of Healbe Gobe


Gobe 28 Energy macro nutrients Gobe 28 Energy

Don´t really know what to say about this data. Gobe thinks that I started eating way before I actually did. What happened here is that I got up, did parts of the morning routine and then started charging the Gobe (hence the gap in the data). After that I made my morning smoothie and drank it in  the car (as usual). Looking at the data, it looks like I strted eating when I got up. There is no lunch (maybe the declining data spike at about 14:00 is the traces of it?). It also looks as if I ate something around 15? I know I didn´t, so why gobe shows this is unknown to me. Had a late dinner so that data is relevant.


Gobe 28 Water

According to Gobe I am totally hydrated.As I wrote earlier, I drank a lot of fluids today so this i clearly wrong. Drank almost 1½ litres of water after 19 and that doesn´t show at all.


Gobe 28 Heart

Had a really fun presentation at work, and I know that my pulse goes up when doing presentations. Cant really see it in the data. Unfortunatly, the Gobe decided to turn it self off when I took an hours walk with the dogs so data regarding steps, calorie consumption and and energy cant be correct for today


Gobe 28 Sleep

Seems about right. Cant really say anything more about the sleep hours. Regarding Bradychardia, Arrythmia (or does Gobe spell it correctly: Arrhyhtmia?) and Heart block I can only say that you shouldn´t rely on a recreational device (as Gobe claims to be) and I cant really understand why Gobe even tries to measure these critical conditions?


Gobe 28 Stress

This it total mumbo jumbo. Gobe won´t disclose what the measurements are made up from. Also, I slept like a baby last night and fell asleep when my head hit the cuscion. According to this I had the highest stress levels of the entire day when I fell alseep.

The daily Gobe Conclusion

The app/gobe sync is erratic, random and strange. Sometimes it works, most of the time it freezes and nothing happens. Had two app crashes as well when trying to sync today. And theese prompts regarding when I ate or not… It seems that the best workflow is to sync once a day, and to write down when you ate. Anoter day, another meal lost in the data.


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It’s ironic that you question Healbe’s spelling (”Arrhyhtmia” ””Arrythmia ), when you yourself have so many mispellings in your post…

”cuscion” ”cushion”

”theese” ”these”

”I got the prompted” ”I got prompted”

”strted” ”started”

”it self” ”itself”