Gobe day two 27th of January

This morning The Protector had stayed in place all night 🙂
Had about 25% battery when I woke up, cnt understand what kind of usage would render two days of battery life?

Drank my breakfast smoothie when driving to the office as usual, and when I got to the office the Gobe claimed 1800 steps while S Health claimed about 1200 steps. Quite a difference!

Today I´m planning of drinking plenty of water to see if the ”Drink” alert is time set or based on actual hydration values

The syncing issues of yesterday got me wondering if it is better to sync multiple times during the day or one a day? It is quite hard to remember if I ate ate 12.15 or 13.15. Also, if I have long pressed the button to indicate food, do I have to confirm it in the ”did you ate at this time” dialog?

The time is now 10.55 and I´m syncing for the first time. I have gotten two notifications to drink from the Gobe.
Gobe disconectedWell, tried to sync actually. I start the app, press ”find gobe” and then it tries to connect. After about 10 seconds, the app display says ”Disconnected” and the typical animated ”waiting” symbol is rolling on screen. I have tried it several times, I have killed the app but nothing seems to work. Restarted bluetooth, shut down wifi hotspot and that changed things. After a couple of minutes, the app and gobe is syncing.

Before lunch, the kcal intake seems spot on. My morning shake is about 440 kcal (calculated) and Gobe reports 401 kcal. The makro nutrients are surprisingly accurate! The nutritional data comes from the national food database so I have no worries about the accuracy of them.

Fat: Gobe: 11 – Nutr data: 24
Carbs: Gobe: 59 – Nutr data: 59
Protein: Gobe: 14 – Nutr data: 20

So the Gobe is lower on fat and protein

Gobe overview pre lunch Gobe 27 jan energy

The step count is off though with Gobe showing 2555 steps and S Health showing about 1500 steps. That is quite a difference
I didn´t get prompted for meal times this time. Don´t really know what that means?

According to the energy data, I have used 1800 kcals so far today. That is hard to understand since I´ve been sitting still at the office. That is actually almost an entire days BMR… Well, with my hight and weight it´s a bit less than half a days worth of BMR. Considering that half of the day  hasn´t passed yet, that reading seems quite high.

After lunch

Tried to sync after lunch, but I only get ”Disconnected”. After a while I get prompted if I ate at 23:30, 00:30, 1:00, 1:45, 2:00, 2:303:00, 3:30, if I ate at 23:30, 00:30. It seems odd to be prompted this sync, but not the sync before? Also, the gobe seems to think that I´m eating while asleep…

It seems that if I have activated wifi hotspot, I need to restart bluetooth. But still I won’t get the sync to work. As of now, I have spent 25 minutes trying to sync.
After 37 minutes of trying to sync, I killed the app, restarted BT and tried to sync again.

I once again got the ”did you eat”, and yet again on anoter time and at a time when I was sleeping.
After a couple of minutes the app says 58% synced. After 42 minutes of trying to sync, the app had finally synced with the gobe.

Gobe 27 Energy after lunch

This screen is alarming. By some odd reason, all the energy data is ”gone”. Go figure… The graph shows some data around breakfast, but then it is empty

Number of steps is now 6550 according to Gobe. S Health says 5121 steps.

Had dinner at about 17.30. Pushed the button to indicate a meal and then tried to sync. After about 15 minutes I had to restart my phone to see if that worked and after a while the sync was up and running.

Did some mountainbiking yesterday. If you look at the Gobe graphs for energy and hr, when do you think it occured?

Gobe 27 Energy Gobe 27 Heart

At about 16:00

Unfortunatly, my Endomondo/Zephyr setup didn´t log my heart rate on the bike ride. But it lasted an hour and I question tha hr data from the gobe.

The number of steps was according to S health 18132 and according to gobe 23224

S health steps 27 Gobe steps 27

Gobe is consistent in showing lots of steps. Lots of steps more than S Health

The findings of todays usage of Healbe Gobe


Gobe 27 EnergyGobe 27 Energy macro nutrients

The kcal/macro nutrient is totally off. Breakfast was a smoothie, lunch was a high end burger and fries and dinner was a sallad with kebab meat and sauses. Had a sausage as a late night snack at about 22:00. As you can in the graph Gobe missed the lunch.


Gobe 27 Water

Don´t really kow what this means. I tend to drink when I´m thirsty and the simple ”urine check” was ok yesterday. But according to Gobe I was kind of dehydrated all day


Gobe 27 blood pressure Gobe 27 Heart

The hr gap late at nigt wasn´t me going zombie on you, I had a bath and took of the Gobe to clean it. I cant understand how Gobe can measure blood pressure to be honest. And I don´t have any devices to measure it with medical accuracy. The HR graph doesn´t look really correct since I was biking in the forest for about an hour. That should be more visible and a max hr of 135 bmp as reported by the Gobe doesn´t seem correct


Gobe 27 Sleep

Seems about right. Don´t really know what to do with the data though


Gobe 27 Stress

This seems way off. Can´t understand why I was so stressed while asleep.

The daily Gobe Conclusion

Lunch was missing, breakfast data dissapeared.  Massive problems with the syncing. Lots of repetitive questions regrding when I ate. Questionable data when it comes to hr, water and stress. Gobe is really positive when it comes to the number of steps, maybe to positive?

Not a good Gobe day