Gobe day zero, 25th of january

Monday 25:th of january

I like the idea of the Gobe, but I am not sure if it works. Therefore, I will test it once more and the people at Healbe has sent a replacement for the defunct Gobe that no longer accepts charging, that gave me a nasty rash and got metal corrosion within a couple of weeks.

Not a good experience.

Therefor, it isnt really that easy to have an open mind and a positive mindset but I will try.

I will test it for at least a week and it will face mountainbiking, long walks, gym sessions and much more. I will compare the HR data with Endomondo and a hr monitor from Zephyr (for training that is). For steps takenI will use Samsung Health as a reference.

When it comes to food I will keep a detailed food journal and also try to calculate the kcals and macro nutrients in the food.

I will be following Healbes instructions of use and their manuals. You will occasionally find me posting in the unofficial healbe group on facebook too.

Here is the clunky unboxing video (just started using a new camera).

blackgobeI got the 1.1 gobe today and I think it looks stunning (and masculine) in the satin black color scheme.

I am in the process of updating the device to the latest firmware (that sure took some time) and all of a sudden the gobe vibrated and turned it self of. Then the ”installing software update” started counting up from 0% again.
Don’t know why, but thats what the Gobe did.

First impressions of ”The Protector”.
The protector is a plastic cover that Gobe designed as a cover/protector of the charge contacts. It is clearly an attempt to hide a design flaw, but lets see how it works out.