Initiative Q – New Kind of Money or something else?

Sometimes I get invites to things that I dont really know what to do with. Like Initiative Q for example.


”They” (ie Initiative Q) claim to be paypal alumnis (ex employees of paypal) that have figured out a good way of doing payments in a new fashion.

And the founder Saar Wilf is actually an extremely tacticool dude:

An alumnus of the Israeli military’s Unit 8200, he co-founded Fraud Sciences Corp., a Tel Aviv company that utilized profiling methods to identify fraudulent transactions. In 2008, PayPal bought Fraud Sciences, making it the backbone of its current anti-fraud systems. He has since become an active investor.

Wilf is also an avid poker player. Kind of cool. But exactly what this new fashion is and how it will be utilized isn´t really straight forward. Here is a good piece on Initiative Q in Techinasia

But, I thought that it could be fun to not be so hostile to new unclear invites so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Well, it aint that risky you know…

All you do to sign up is to give them your email adress and invite some friends that you later have to verify. If you think about it, you do this all the time on Twitter, facebook and Linkedin to name a few.

On those networks you even tell the networks where you worked, who are your colleagues etc. On Q, all you do is to verify that you know a person.

So, do you want to jump on the bandwagon as well? Feel free – here is the invite link https://initiativeq.com/invite/SZTO6JOA7

Lets see if it is the greatest thing since [insert blank] or if it is just another way to complicate an fairly easy task.

Still not convinced? Lets watch a video