This is the attitude!

Klart intressant om fotografering. This is the attitude!

Thanks to friends from Philippines that have shared this video on facebook.

The master Elliott Erwitt says thing really important about his approach to photography. I think that can be a good answer for those who recently spoke of HDR (!) in Street Photography.

Trascription by Joel Mataro (thanks mate!):

Digital or Film ( just had to ask)

EE: I certainly wouldn’t do it for my own work. Because my work, I hope has a longer life than a commercial job. Commercial job, you know, you have (garbled sound-like) to fish on it, after a few days. I hope on what I do, is my hobby as I might say, would last longer than that.

On Digital Manipulation

EE:It depends on what, if you are selling cornflakes or automobiles, I think, manipulating is expected because nobody believes those things anyway. But obviously, manipulation is.. totally unacceptable to me..in photography. Photography has to do with ”what is” not what you manipulate or what you conjure up.

Is a manipulated photograph, still a photograph?

EE: No, its no longer a photograph, if somebody wants to do that, Why dont they just learn how to paint or something? No, If they do call it a photograph, it should have a huge letters saying ”this is not a photograph, this is a manipulated image.” You see, people uses photography to pretend that it’s real. Let me rephrase that. The basic quality of a photography is that it should be believable. People that take pictures and manipulate them would like you to believe that this is a real photograph. And that’s wrong.

Your photographs are never set-up moments

EE: That is not entirely true. It is mostly true. It all depends on how you define setting-up. Waiting things to happen, could be a set-up. Provoking certain situations, could be called setting-up or not.

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